Decorative Wall Clock Models

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Time, the most valuable treasure in our lives, takes on a unique place on your walls with quality and modern design. Metal wall clocks, which are both decorative and functional, have a wide range of color options such as black, white, gold, silver, copper, and many more, making them suitable for any color of wall in your living spaces, providing a spacious and modern look. Some wall clock models, such as the Geometric Wooden Metal Wall Clock, have an elegant look due to the combination of different materials (wood and metal). Similarly, our Earthy Metal Wall Clock has a brick-textured color that is completely handcrafted using mineral paint. This feature gives it a unique texture and striking look among colorful wall clocks. If you are looking for a design that is outside of the standard designs, you should definitely check out our unique wall clock models in our wall clock category.

Models that cater to all styles and audiences can sometimes leave you indecisive. That's why when choosing a wall clock, you should first decide whether you will hang it in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office. Then, find the color that matches your wall color and review it accordingly. The 70x70 cm size of our sleek and simple design Arcadia Metal Wall Clock is one of the most preferred models for the living room.

Also, with decorative wall clock models, you can make small touches not only for your own home but also as a gift for your loved ones or as an office gift. We are sure that they will be as happy as you are.

One of the biggest features of Artepera Metal Wall Clocks is that the mechanisms are silent-running. This mechanism, which does not make you feel like it is working, provides comfort in use in any area. You can easily hang these modern wall clocks that do not require assembly or installation by using a single nail or screw from the hanging device on the back.