Paketleme, Kurulum ve Temizlik


Styrofoam and cardboard are used in the box to protect the product against scratches and external impacts. The packaging is sturdy enough for safe deliveries. Beautiful products that you can safely gift to your loved ones are here, with the quality of Artepera.
Artepera Paketleme
Artepera Depolama
Artepera Askı Aparatı, Kurulm ve Montaj
Artepera Askı Aparatı, Kurulm ve Montaj


Wall Art and Wall Clock
Our products are sent ready to hang on the wall. In some of our wall art, large size options (over 100 cm) are sent as 2 or 3 pieces and can be easily mounted with the screws that come with the product. In order to hang the product on the wall, it will be sufficient to hang with 1 nail or screw suitable for your wall and then hang it from the sawtooth hanger on the back of the product. There are some elevator screws on the wall art that keep it 2 cm away from the wall, creating a beautiful 3D appearance to the wall art.
Wall Sign
The products in our Wall Sign collection have ready-to-adhesive tapes on the back of the products. All you have to do is peel off the protective papers and stick them on the wall. When you remove the product from the wall, it will not damage the wall.


Our products are made of high-quality steel and painted with electrostatic powder paint, the paint protects the product against corrosion. However, when exposed to heavy snow and rain outdoors, it may begin to rust after a while.
Artepera Lazer Kesim, Boyama
Artepera Lazer Kesim, Boyama
Artepera Kimyasal ile temizlemeyin
Artepera Ürün Temizleme


Cleaning our products is quite simple. First, clean the surface with a damp soft cloth, then dry it with a soft cloth to prevent water-marks. Do not use chemicals while cleaning. Note that hard polishing will damage the surface finish.