About Us

"We are proud to have been selected as the happiest workplace in the steel industry in Turkey's Happy Place to Work survey."
"We participated in the Great Place to Work program on workplace culture and employee satisfaction and earned the certification as a 'Great Place to Work'."

Istanbul is a bit of confusion, a bit of art, entertainment and fashion, culture and nature, color and mystique, wisdom and holiness, history and modernity, innovation and tradition. It's a long story from the Neolithic era to the present day, where anyone can find what they're looking for. Artepera draws inspiration from this rich cultural tapestry, offering designs that range from cult objects to contemporary interpretations. Their creations defy classification as ethnic or avant-garde, bohemian or aristocratic, natural or loft-inspired - much like the city of Istanbul itself. In summary, Artepera is always stylish, different, and new.

Backed by the third generation of a metalworking tradition, Artepera brings harmony and aesthetic appeal to metal materials, creating wall decorations, clocks, mirrors, kitchen accessories, furniture, and sculptures. With a focus on originality and drawing inspiration from the cosmopolitan geography and values of Istanbul, Artepera aims to enrich and popularize its designs worldwide, positioning itself as one of the leading brands in the metal decoration industry.