About Us

"We are proud to have been selected as the happiest workplace in the steel industry in Turkey's Happy Place to Work survey."
"We participated in the Great Place to Work program on workplace culture and employee satisfaction and earned the certification as a 'Great Place to Work'."

 Nietzsche says we should live "like a work of art," which means we should strive to make it worthwhile. As long as we live, we try to find ways to express ourselves and our unique perspectives to the world. By doing so, we can all be artists, and our lives can become unique works of art. In line with this purpose, ARTEPERA allows us to incorporate naturalness, aesthetics, art, strength, resilience, creativity, innovation, and our own perspectives into our lives.

 By drawing inspiration from nature, ARTEPERA combines its designs with steel, shaping the metal with years of experience and craftsmanship. In their exceptional design products, they showcase the light and infinite perfection of nature. They skillfully shape their products using durable metal with a distinctive shine. Just like individuals who resist various challenges throughout their lives and do not allow their inner light to be taken away, they determine their own stance.

 Our journey, which began in 1932 and has remained true to its purpose, is most beautifully rewarded by being able to pass on decades of experience from generation to generation. Can there be a greater happiness than processing our traditional values in a contemporary way, without losing their essence? ARTEPERA, with its young and happy team of employees who create the tradition and values of many years, has become the rising star of the steel and design industry.

 We continue to work with all our might to sustain this rise, bring tradition together with the future, and not only seize but also create new opportunities. We are proud and happy to continue our ascent through exports to 69 countries worldwide.

We Commit Responsibility and Trust with Sedex Certificate!
As Artepera, we are proud to receive the Sedex certificate. This certificate reflects our commitment to our principles of business ethics and social responsibility. We will continue to be your trusted business partner, supporting our commitment to create a fairer, ethical and sustainable supply chain for you.