We have an innovation that we want to share with you in our journey that we started with the understanding of sustainable design and production.

As Artepera, sustainability is at the forefront in our branding focus, due to both ensuring minimum raw material loss and efficiency, and environmental factors.

We are carrying out our project on the evaluation of the parts left over from the production in our factory, which makes decoration products where metal is in the center. We designed metal accessories from the excess parts that came out during the production of our designs to be used in potted plants. When these small products are placed in the soil near the plant, they rust over time and feed the soil in terms of iron oxide, thus meeting the iron oxide requirement of the plants for leaf production and photosynthesis.

What did we tick with these Mini designs?

With this project, which is small but big in function;

* By evaluating the surplus parts from the production of the product you purchased, we turned it into a useful object for nature, while at the same time we achieved our "minimum raw material loss" target.

*The iron content of plant soils sold today is kept low and this iron content decreases over time as the plant grows. Plants need iron oxide in leaf production and during photosynthesis. This product rusts over time with the help of water; In this way, by meeting the iron oxide needs of your plant, we supported it to grow healthy leaves and perform photosynthesis more efficiently.

*Thanks to the special design of the mini accessories, we made it possible for potted plants to mix the soil easily and get air. Thus, we ensured that more lively and healthy plants were grown by meeting the soil with air and iron mineral.

*For our plants, which are the rarest creatures of our homes, which we take care of like our eyes, besides their functional benefits, we have captured delightful, humorous and aesthetic designs that accompany them visually.

For academic research on the benefits of using iron oxide in potted soil, you can read the links below and have in-depth information.

We hope that this small step we have taken for a sustainable universe will bring you pleasure.

Academic Papers;

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