Globes Mirrored Metal Wall Art - APT170 - Black

Brand : Artepera
Discount Rate : %10 Discount
Price : $129.00
Discounted : $116.10

Designed by Artepera

Colour Options;


Artepera Metal Wall Art

Globes mirror carries the geography and the mysterious reflections of this world to your places. 

·         Custom design

·         Electrostatic powdder coating (Silk matte black)

·         1.5 mm mild steel

·         Bending edges,thickness 2 cm

·         Dimension: 45x45 cm - 17x17 inch

·         Plain mirror (Thickness: 4 mm - 0,15 inch)

Artepera designs metal decor products by high quality steel material. Our laser cut metal wall mirrored collections have unique designs with stylish, new and different  lines. With the new generation laser cut metal mirror your living spaces turn into art galleries. You will add mirror decostyle to your home with our metal wall decor collections.


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