Istanbul refers to some complexity, some art, some fun, some fashion, some culture, some nature, some colour but it is also chaotic, also aesthetic, also oriental, also western, also mysterious, also wise, also sacred, also coarse, also historical, also contemporary, also innovative and also traditional...


Istanbul is a long long story dating back to the Neolithic ages in which the seeker finds what s/he seeks and the searcher finds what s/he searches.  It is this flavour that has always inspired Artepera.  It is this diversity and culture that nourishes and flourishes Artepera.  Some cult objects are now reborn with contemporarily interpreted designs!

It is not exactly ethnical but it may not be called avant-garde; so is it bohemian or loft, or royal or naturist?  It is an unclassifiable, non-sortable trademark just like Istanbul!  In brief, “it is invariably stylish, different and new".


Backed with rooted production power representing 3rd generation in metal tradition, Artepera provides wall decorations, clocks, mirrors, kitchen accessories, furniture and sculptures with its designs introducing sovereignty, harmony and aesthetics to the metal material.


Being inspired from its values and this cosmopolitan geography in its authentic designs through enriching each of them, Artepera positions its design oriented trademark on metal items visioning to enrich and expand its designs in international arena.

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