Madonna Metal Wall Art - APT211 - Black

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Designed by Artepera



Artır Azalt

Artepera Metal Wall Art


The queen of pop music. She did everything she wanted, everything she did was accepted. She became an idol and was imitated. She's making great music, her tickets are still sold off as soon as they go on sale and she is still attractive. Admittedly, she is a timeless legend.


·         Custom design

·         Electrostatic powder coating (Silk matte black)

·         1.5 mm mild steel

·         Bending edges, thickness 2 cm

·         Dimension: 45x70 cm / 60x95 cm - 17x27 inch / 23x37 inch

·         Weight : 2,8 Kgs / 4,9 Kgs

·         Packet : 3,5 Kgs / 6,2 Kgs

·         You can use these decorative wall arts for years which are durable, ecological, easy to clean.

·         You can hang our custom made wall arts on your walls with the help of a screw and/or nail, they do not require mounting.

·         We reflect the sturdiness of the steel on our wall art with high grade steel materials


Artepera designs metal decor products by high quality steel material. Our laser cut metal wall art collections have unique designs with stylish, new and different  lines. With the new generation laser cut metal art your living spaces turn into art galleries. You will add art deco style to your home with our metal wall decor collections.


45x70cm / 17x27 inch 60x95cm / 23x37 inch
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