Let's face it, buying gifts for men, especially fathers is one of the most challenging choices. When women are asked for gifts, there are dozens of options such as cosmetics, jewelry, a thousand kinds of costume clothes, bags, flowers and frames. We usually buy shirts, perfume, shoes again and again on birthdays, wedding anniversary, new year gifts. We get bogged down like "I bought the same as this shirt on the last birthday." In this article, we have compiled unusual, creative, different gift ideas for your father for you.


Of course we know their expectation is a tight hug, a big kiss, also the value of seeing them happy is also invaluable.



If you have an adventurous father, this idea is for you. Artepera's metal wall paintings are great gift options for fathers who love to be in touch with nature, open photos of their favorite motorcycle from the internet at every free time, and pedal to freedom with their bikes in the forest paths. With Café racer and bicycle metal paintings, they can enjoy returning to the moments they miss at all times, even in their offices, workplaces or their favorite corners at home.



Do you have a music-lover father? Couldn't he forget the days he played in the school group in his youth? Maybe you can give him a short-term instrument course. It will both have a chance to socialize in a different environment, to meet new people and to reunite with its instrument that it has not held for years. If your father doesn't have time to play an instrument, we recommend you to take a look at Artepera's electric guitar metal wall art.



Wouldn't this metal painting with a polaroid photo from school days be a gift that makes your father so emotional? Metal wall paintings of legendary names like Elvis and Queen would also be an original product idea for music-loving fathers. We also have nice gift ideas for fathers who love the seas and in the vast blues. Every time you look at Artepera's sailor metal wall clock, your father will feel the breeze coming from the sea on his face. The 3-piece wall painting set consisting of a sailboat, anchor and rudder is also ideal for fathers, where boats decorate their dreams. What do you think to give a football match ticket which is your father's favorite team with Artepera's metal art? Then you also take a look at the metal wall accessories on Artepera's website.




We celebrate fathers' day, the hero of every child, fathers.

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June 12, 2020
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