Airplane Metal Wall Art - APT322 - Black

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Designed by Artepera


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Airplane Metal Wall Art Airplane Metal Wall Art
Aging Red



Artır Azalt

Artepera Metal Wall Art

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.


·     Custom design

·     Color: Black

·    1.5 mm mild steel 

·       Easy to hang on the wall by hanger

·       2 cm gap between the wall and the product

·    Dimensions: 39x74 cm / 56x105 - 15x29 inch / 22x41 inch


Artepera designs metal decor products by high quality steel material. Our laser cut metal wall art collections have unique designs with stylish, new and different  lines. With the new generation laser cut metal art your living spaces turn into art galleries. You will add art deco style to your home with our metal wall decor collections.

39x74cm / 15x29 inch 56x105cm / 22x41 inch
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